Top 3 Alternative Internet Radio Stations

It was in the 1990s when we first heard about the Internet radio. The first broadcast was that of a live band known as Sky Cries Mary. The Rolling Stones followed suit; and then traditional radio stations started broadcasting special shows on the Internet – live. Today, Internet radios have multiplied in number and the people using them have doubled (maybe even tripled) as well. These stations have become the alternative choice of music lovers and musicians all over the world because of many reasons.

Some prefer the Internet radio over traditional radio stations because it allows them to enjoy real-time live music. It also offers more in terms of music flexibility as one can listen to music from other countries; this means that your music choices are not limited to just one genre. Internet radio also allows one to listen to music without a lot of commercial interruptions. What’s more, since it is streamed, the music keeps playing even when the weather is bad.

Since Internet radio stations make use of streaming technology, music is transmitted directly into the computer. The music is played in real-time. Of course, one will need to have a reliable Internet connection in order to make use of their services.

There are a lot of Internet radio stations that offer their services for free. Although there are those that are offsets of traditional stations, there are a lot of independent ones, as well. Some stations work according to user recommendations. They base the music they play on the songs requested or indicated by the user. This is how most of the popular stations, like Pandora and Last fm, work.

If it is your first time to experience the wonders of listening to non-stop music online, and if you do not want to go the traditional way and use Pandora or any other popular option, here are the top three alternative choices you might want to consider:

• Maestro is perfect for you if you want the idea of being able to connect with your fellow music lovers. It works like a social network as it not only connects music, but people as well. You and your music Maestro friends can share and trade music and talk endlessly about your favorite songs, singers or bands. All your music is kept inside a remote storage.

The first thing that you have to do is create an account with Maestro. Then you are to connect your music library with the account through the Maestro Connector. Of course, you will need to download the Maestro Connector, first. This is what you need to be able to remotely access and stream music. Use the Connector, too, to scan your library. Once done, you will be ready to listen to all your favorite tunes and add playlists no matter where you are.

• If you use your mood to choose the music you want to listen to, then Musicovery is the best option for you. Its most interesting feature is a “mood pad” that you can use for picking music. Different moods are indicated in the pad and when you click one, you’ll be taken to a page that shows your song or music options. For example, if you click on “Positive”, you’ll have songs like Bob Marley’s Is This Love, George Michael’s Faith and Boyz 2 Men’s Beautiful Women.

Musicovery’s concept is a combination of two great ideas: the mood pad by Vincent Castaignet and the Liveplasma of Frederic Vavrille.

• Pirate Radio is another alternative Internet Radio Station you can consider. You can choose to listen to music in two ways with this selection. You can download a special player or you can use a web tuner. Either way, you get the music you want as Pirate Radio has a comprehensive playlist that usually includes new music.

Aside from good Internet connection, you also need to use a Windows-based PC. You should also have a reliable player, like the Destiny Media Player, which is what you need to connect to different broadcasters via the Pirate Radio Network.

The most interesting feature of Pirate Radio is the fact that you can create your own Internet radio station with the aid of an easy-to-download software.

These are just three options; there’s more online. To make sure that you choose the right one, do a little research first. The most important thing to remember, however, is that your choice should depend on what you really want – not on what’s popular and trending.

The Value Of Internet Radio

With the previous advancements of the compression of computerized audio files for easier transmission made by web pirates in the 80s, technology pioneer, Carl Malmud, founded the first internet radio station in 1993. With no other competition, it was simply called “Internet Talk Radio”. It was mostly comprised of entertaining interviews with key players of the science and technology industry. Since then, the growth of internet broadcasting has snowballed into the 21st century after a few musical concerts were broadcast live and music shook loose of its traditional radio roots and became “streamable”.

When internet broadcasters once needed their own servers and platforms, changed the game, and newer, better technologies have emerged to offer anyone the opportunity to broadcast in a community. Now, this technology can be used on devices smaller than some wrist watches, such as on iPods and on smartphones. Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, and Pandora are among streaming music favorites and and for talk radio.

Why Does This Technology Matter So Much?

For a long period in radio’s history, you were told you could expect little change in the technology and the way the consumer used it. The 21st century had other plans. When once you had little choice of what you listened to and when, you now can completely tailor your listening experience. What, how, and when are all now within your control. You can support that which you personally believe in, rather than what agenda and advertising are being targeted at you. You can more closely engage with people you look up to and communities you want to join. It can be used as a tool to quickly transform your own mindset and life altogether.

The Opportunity It Presents

Not only do listeners stand to gain, but broadcasters just as easily reach their “tribe”, too. Business owners who choose to sponsor internet radio stations are also equally rewarded by being able to target such a specific audience with ads, guest spots, or shows of their own. If they are only advertising with traditional radio stations, they are in for a slim return because it only takes this 30-page report by Larry Miller of New York University’s Steinhart Music Business Program to understand that emerging listeners have no interest in technologies of the past.

The studies says “Generation Z, which is projected to account for 40% of all consumers in the U.S. by 2020, shows little interest in traditional media, including radio, having grown up in an on-demand digital environment”

Today’s Evolution of Music Media

Through the years, music evolved into generation along with humans. With the advancement of technology, previous music sources become obsolete and replaced with new and improved gadgets. With the desire of creating a new type of music media, many sort into modification of previous devices. This time, music devices are better, which cover not only local radio stations, but more of International distance coverage.

Lots of people find music significant to their lives. Some people divert their attention by listening to music as their way of healing process. Others spend longer time having radio devices at side for relaxation. Although new devices such as iPods, mp3’s, ranked as top music media sources today, the way music is delivered is just the same. People still have their own taste of music. Music genre such as classical, rock, R&B, country, and many more are those that distinguish one music from the other. There are some people that love country songs rather than ballads, while other find rock music better than love songs. The only way people appreciate music is through listening to any type of song, either through radio or online. The latest trend teenagers are using these days are those USB radio tuner. This type of software can be used only to those PC’s that has Internet access. This works primarily by getting access to Internet server and search thousands of online radio music station. Through this software, users are capable of getting access to top list music Internet stations from various countries. Some of these are talk radio stations, wherein you can listen to any live news fresh from its country of origin.

The availability of live radio on Internet makes people easier to tune in to their favorite music station, both in local and International arena. Internet radio station is broadcast online through live streaming. Local radio stations that use frequencies may also be heard to other countries. The good thing about online radio is that, it supports various radio channels no matter where you are located. While there are some radio stations that work without DJ’s, most of its songs are recorded or pre-saved. People can tune into music stations that are broadcast by thousands of available FM channels. Aside from music, there are also radio stations that only covers sports events or latest news happenings. Internet radio station is available for 24 hours, which means that people can have access to music stations and listen to their preferred songs anytime of the day.

In general, anyone can listened to music in various ways. Whatever type of music you’re playing, it gives another experience that enhances inner feelings, physical condition, and expression. Having these available music media sources, music would be much appreciated even to people who are not music enthusiasts. Its one way of entertaining yourself aside from other activities. By simply going to a specific website, or tuning in to your own radio software, one can experience live radio listening at no cost.