How Can I Generate More Sales to My Website For Increased Sales? The Audio Option Explained

Naturally, as someone who has a website, your next requirement will be to get a passing traffic surfing by, and preferably, actually taking a good look around. All of this will depend on the quality of your site, and the information and resources you are providing for your visitors. Again, just to make this a little more interesting, the type of product or service your site is catering to will also impact the performance, and behaviour of your visitors.

Now that we have covered that as a general introduction, let us look a little deeper into the subject. All website owners, or business owners want their visitors to become clients, by purchasing their goods or services. If it is at all possible, you want to be able to turn those purchases into repeat clients, as it is harder to get a new client, than to look after an exiting one. With the increased ‘noise’ we need to get through nowadays, in terms of advertising, email spam, unsolicited phone calls, and so on, it is incredible how a beginner can get around. The good news is that they can, when armed with a few good ides. I am going to introduce you to the idea of audio MP3 files, as ‘advertorial’, or give away information segments. What am I talking about, you might ask.

In my latest experience, I have found that one way to get my prospective client’s attention is to offer some audio tracks from my website, with me presenting either an introduction, or a piece of information relative to the product I have online on the site. As an example, if I am promoting a personal development website, I will look at putting on a video, or audio segment, that can be downloaded, and used by the prospective client. In other words, I need to provide value, sometimes a lot of great value, for free up front. “Is that not counter productive to sales?” you might ask. No. With more and more clutter and advertising that your prospective client is faced with, you need to help them decide in your favour. I have found that good quality information always stands out as a good idea in the long term. It is quality and difference that need to stand out.

You do not need to start worrying about engaging the services of a recording studio at this point, You can sort all of this out from your own computer, with some free software, like Audacity or the more fully featured suite of programs from Sony Audio Studio. Whichever software you use, you then need to connect a decent microphone, with a USB port to your computer, and be on your way.

By recording short files about your product, you might give ideas to your clients, like usage tips, or benefits that can be gained from the product,., this is naturally determined by your imagination, as well as the niche you are in, You are virtually limitless in your options, provided you keep thinking of new ideas.

Does Satellite Radio Feel The Competitive Heat From Cable TV Music Stations?

The other day, I got rather miffed at the cable company because they had put out a list of all of their channels in a brochure, but even before I received the brochure those channels had all changed, along with the numbers. When I spoke to someone at the company about this they noted that in the contract (somewhere in the 10-pages of fine print) they had the right to change the channels and the programming at any time, for any reason, without any notification. Well, that’s great except they’re charging quite a bit of money each month, and the service quite frankly is inferior.

No, I’m not surprised the cable networks now have pretty much a monopoly, once you sign up it’s hard to leave, and even if you go with a different cable network, they are probably just as bad. Now I realize there are consumers who try to take it advantage of them, steal their programming, or try to dodge their system, but that doesn’t mean that every one of their customers is trying to pull a fast one, and yet look how we are treated. In any case, after going through all of the channels one by one, I created my own listing, table of contents, of each of the 1000 stations.

Indeed, I was amazed how many music stations there were, almost 50 in all, and those were the ones which were in English, there were also Spanish cable radio stations as well. With that many options, one has to believe that this is interfering with satellite radio – thus, a big competitor. No, you can’t take your cable box with you in your car, so satellite radio is still needed, but it prevents satellite radio from entering the home market because it would just be a duplication of the bundled services people already have in their home if they already take cable TV service. The question is; “is this really cutting into satellite radio’s customer base?”

Well, consider this, as a consumer the other day I was in an electronics store, and I noted there was a satellite radio device which was transportable. In other words you could have your satellite radio in your car, or take this device with you from your car to the beach, or into the office. Since it was one of those little miniature boom boxes, you could also take it into your home, leave it by a window, get good reception, and listen all day. However, why would you wish to do the latter if you could merely turn on the TV, put it on a, let’s say; “80s rock station” and listen all day?

It doesn’t cost any extra to have these cable TV radio stations, they come with the package, as part of the basic service. Meanwhile, it costs $9.99 per month to subscribe to satellite radio. The duplication and bundling from the cable TV networks has prevented satellite radio from entering their realm, and is in some regards diluting their market share, at least that is the way I see it.

That doesn’t mean that the cable TV network stations don’t have to deal with other things such as online radio, online TV, or many of the other challenges ahead, they do, and it will be a challenge for them moving forward. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

What Questions Will Have Maximum Impact in an Audio Interview?

To make a maximum impact in your audio, you want to make sure that your interview is matched to your market. You want to think about, what’s the purpose of the interview? The people listening to it, are they listening to things that they really want to know about, and that’s why you’ve got to do your research. That’s why you’ve got to use an Ask campaign. That’s why you want to dig deep when you’re looking in indexes of books on Amazon, or you’re looking at websites. You’re looking at the bullets.

You absolutely have to be a good listener. Not chiming in. Let them do most of the talking, which is fine, just ask the questions and kind of shut up.

One thing you definitely don’t want to leave off is a call to action. You want to tell your listener what to do, not only at the end. You may want to tell them what to do fifteen minutes into the interview. You may want to tell them what to do thirty minutes into the interview, and you may want to tell them what to do right before the end of the interview.

You want to make an offer. You want to make it risk free. You want to direct them to a website. You want to have them pick up a phone and call you. So, call to action, at the end of that interview, what do you want that listener to do. Tell them what to do. That you should never leave off.