Free Internet Radio Stations – Get Addicted!

Crazy about listening to music or playing games? Want to know about current news? Live music, breathe music and educate yourself with recent news! Use free Internet radio stations from any location and listen to channels from all over the world.

Music is something which most of us can’t do without. No matter where we are, what we are doing, all we want is to listen to music. Some people are addicted to reading newspapers, watching news or listening to news channels, etc. However its not always possible to carry newspapers, music systems, etc and therefore it becomes very costly to listen to music, watch your favorite program or read news online. If you also fall in the same category of addicts then read further to know about some digital ways to cherish all the above without any cost!

What is this Free Internet Live Radio?

One of the best forms of entertainment is free live radio. It can be accessed easily through online free Internet radio stations, irrespective of which place you are putting up. What’s more interesting is that you can listen to channels from almost all over the world. Numerous radio programs like current news, songs, etc are available in abundance through various websites. In earlier times, radio devices used to operate by catching radio signals, though the reception would become unclear due to the weak signal. However those days are gone now since with the help of the Internet, we can listen to live radio stations work without any interruption.

No Registration Required

Surprised? Don’t be! Yes it’s true that these kinds of sites do not require any kind of registration. You will find many sites online which offer the facility of listening to radio programs as a guest, but require proper registration with the particular radio station website. Now you can create a play list of your own, listen to various songs and also play various games online, etc. All these and more, absolutely Free!

A Flexible Source

You will be glad to know that these free live radio stations with their wide range of channels are becoming their listener’s first choice day by day. Free live radio is a very beneficial feature for those who have to travel often from one place to another. With this feature they can keep themselves abreast with the most recent happenings of their native place or any other place for that matter. Also this is a cost effective process as there is no unusual charges like registration incurred on them.

But How Do They Operate?

I am sure you must be curious about the functionality of these radio stations. Let’s now learn how they actually operate. No rocket science, just one computer, some good music, broadcast scheduling software with encoders, Win Amp, microphone to host the program and a VPS hosting account is all that a very basic Internet based radio station requires. First of all, free music is gathered from bands that are searching to get exposure for themselves. Next step is to load this music to the Win Amp, which is easy and then use the free media player and broadcasting unit.

Select the best website which offers free Internet radio stations with your favorite programs. Now you could relax and be tension free or not worry about missing your favorite programs or current news. Listen to the uninterrupted free music and live out your music addiction. Getting bored? Don’t be, because free Internet radio stations also feature an option of free online games for you. All this and lots more… Could life be better?

What Kind of Internet Connection Do I Need to Be Able to Stream Radio on My PC?

Internet Radio is very simple in today’s world. Basically you can use the same computer with the same software to stream to 1 listener or thousands of listeners. What is important is that you know how much bandwidth you need and the bit rare you want to use to stream your music.

Bandwidth – Is the amount of data your internet connection can carry from one point to another in a given time period. Than means, Small bandwidth, you will get a few listeners. A big bandwidth will allow you to have more listeners.

Bit rate – Simply refers to the audio quality of the stream, this is measured in computer terms in ‘kbps – kilo bits per second’ or ‘k’ for short. Listening to a station in 128k stereo would sound like CD quality, where as 24k would sound more like listening over the phone.


Well here a brief idea:

  • 1 MB = 1024 kb so that means if you stream at 128 kbps
  • 1 MB Upload connection = 8 Listeners
  • 5 MB Upload connection = 40 Listeners
  • 10 MB Upload connection = 80 Listeners

Remember, these are the typical upload connection speeds most people have at home. Also this will vary if you are surfing at the same time you are streaming and if you have a home phone using the internet line to make a call. These means if your use the same connection to do multiple things at the same time it could make your streaming skip and your listeners will hate that.

If your plan is to have as many listeners as you can, I recommend you get the services of an Internet Radio Server (Radio Hosting) This service will give you the capacity to have multiple listeners, keeping your home internet connection with low traffic so you can surf easily and stream at the same time. This will allow you to have more listeners.

Let say your connection is only 1 MB upload and you are streaming at 128 kbps, REMEMBER 1 MB is 1024 kb, that means you will only use 128 kb of the 1024. Your will use that 128 kb to stream to an Internet Radio server or hosting company and your listeners will connect to that server instead to your computer directly. Another big advantage is with this service you will have a static IP.

Static IP – This is the number of your computer when you surf online. It usually looks like this (x are numbers). The reason you want a static IP is that unless you have one your IP will change every time you access the internet. That means if you are streaming from your computer you will have to provide to your listeners the right IP of your computer every time so they can listen your streaming. With Static IP the IP number never changes so you can create a link to your Online Radio Station with that IP and you never have to change it.

That is why an Internet Radio Server Services is so convenient. Not only will it give you a Static IP it also give you a fast internet connection to handle more listeners.

In a simple summary, Bit rate + Listeners = The type of Internet Connection you will need.

What Are The Different Types of Internet Radio?

The future of music is on the internet. As time goes by, more and more websites will have a focus on music as the public becomes more aware about the different types of internet radio. Internet radio is so powerful because users have instant access to thousands upon thousands of radio stations from around the world in a matter of seconds. As technology advances, and cell phones essentially become computers, these music websites are going to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Internet radio can come in various forms. Websites provide everything from internet only stations, to custom stations, to AM and FM streaming stations, to instant downloadable songs. Some of these sites provide 100% commercial free stations with no DJ’s and no music interruption whatsoever. Others provide links to live internet radio stations from around the world. Users can listen to everything from dance music in Italy, to Sports in New York, to rock music in Australia.

Many AM and FM radio stations are now streaming the sites on the web via streaming. This is truly live internet radio. This is a growing focus for many radio companies. Upon listening to the radio on a daily basis, listeners are constantly being reminded to listen live online to the stations internet stream.

Recent trends show that videos on the internet are becoming very popular. You Tube, College Humor and Yahoo Videos are just a few websites that have thousands upon thousands of videos. These sites are becoming more popular as computers advance and the videos are able to upload faster and pictures are clearer than ever.

The same can be said for internet radio. Although internet radio is already very popular, it is going to continue to grow in huge numbers. It will be interesting to see what types of sites will receive the most users. AM and FM radio certainly have a head start by being able promote their internet stream through the power of their own airwaves at no charge.

Regardless, there are plenty of options for internet radio.